Is squirting real? If so, how do you do it? -N.K.


Hi N.K.,

Yup! Squirting is most certainly real! We have glands called the Skene’s glands, which are commonly referred to as the female prostate. They’re found on the front wall of the vagina and they release the fluid when we squirt.

In terms of how you can get yourself to squirt, that differs from person to person. But the majority of us require intense g-spot stimulation in order to get there. There’s a lot of controversy over what exactly the g-spot is and even if it actually exists (let alone exists in all women). For the sake of this response, let’s go with the belief that the g-spot is an area found on the front wall of the vagina (towards the bellybutton) that’s around 1-3 inches up from the vaginal opening (again, it differs from person to person). While the rest of the vaginal walls tend to feel smooth, the g-spot area is bumpy with ridges; similar to the shape of a walnut. When we become aroused, that spot tends to swell in size and becomes a lot easier to find (and more sensitive to stimulation). Once you’re turned on, have warmed yourself up and have been experiencing sexual pleasure for a bit of time, then try using your own hands, a partner’s hands or a toy to stimulate the g-spot. If doing solo-play, a toy that’s designed for g-spot stimulation is usually the easiest way to go.

If using hands, the standard method is inserting 2 fingers (ring and middle fingers tend to work best) into the vagina and using a firm “come hither” motion, where you pull up against the g-spot and then down towards the anus. If your partner’s doing it, get them to use their shoulder and chest muscles instead of their forearms or they’ll burn out really fast. They may also get more leverage by kneeling next to you instead of between your legs. If using a toy, go for a curved one with some good weight to back it up. You need that leverage to get enough pressure against the g-spot. Most people require rapid and intense manipulation of their g-spot in order to squirt. Some find that they need clitoral stimulation at the same time (perhaps more easily done with a vibrator). If you’re doing it right, most people hear a squishing/sucking sound as the stimulation continues. At this point it’s important to try to relax. However, some find that pushing helps.

There are a few things that are important to note here. First off, many people find that as the stimulation gets more intense, they start to feel like they need to pee. This is because the urethral sponge (right under the g-spot) swells with fluid when it’s stimulated. As it swells up in size, it puts pressure on the urethra, which automatically sends a signal to the brain that you need to pee. This is actually a sign that you’re about to ejaculate, not pee. Try to relax as much as possible and let it come. Secondly, squirting is a completely separate event from orgasm. While many individuals experience orgasm at the same time that they squirt, some don’t. While they experience pleasure from the stimulation, many can’t even feel it when they squirt. So try not to be disappointed if this is how your body works. With time, most people are able to train themselves to squirt and orgasm simultaneously. And lastly, there’s the question of whether or not every female-bodied individual is actually capable of squirting. I do not believe that they are. So try not to get so hung up on trying to get yourself to squirt. Instead, experiment with different types of stimulation and sexual acts and really focus on what gives you the most pleasure possible. Then you’ll always have a great time and be left feeling satisfied.