Fashion Tips by Lauren:


For me, fashion is of course a constant battle with what I can afford, so I frequent sales racks and resale shops. Some of my favorite pieces are one-of-a-kind second-hand bits from my lucky finds at a shop like Wasteland. I’ve impulsively bought things from Betsey Johnson and All Saints that make my closet seem like I really know what I’m doing, but everything was chosen with careful precision and adoration and actually leaves me wondering what my “style” really is. I love girly, floral, flowy, tight, black, sexy, and lots of ridiculous band t-shirts. My go-to is my dark blue Member’s Only jacket unless I’m wearing my grey knitted Topshop cardigan. I think I’m obsessed with tights right now because it’s either that or black jeans that I find myself in. If I want to dress to kill, I’ll be in my Jeffrey Campbell heels, staring you down from six feet high. I suppose I fall under one of those “eclectic” categories, but I never take myself too seriously. And I never fail to express myself with what I’m wearing.