Fashion and Beauty


by Bethany


The key to fashion, for me, is confidence and comfort. If I don’t feel confident and comfortable, I don’t wear it. If I know I’m going to be standing all night and my feet are going to kill in those stilettos, back into the closet they go. Nothing is less sexy than a woman who can barely walk in her shoes. Save them for a dinner date or another occasion where you only have to walk a little… and then strut!

If I put on an outfit and it’s hard to sit down because my skirt is too short, or my bra strap shows if I move too much, back into the closet it goes. If you feel like you can’t move in your clothes, you’re not going to look or, more importantly, feel, confident. You will ALWAYS look better in the outfit that fits and feels right.I get a lot of compliments on my ability to “work” outfits and it really all comes down to making sure I’m comfortable and feel good in my clothes.


The ultimate key to beauty is overall health. Get enough sleep, get regular exercise, and eat right. Love your body and it will love you back. Do things to make yourself happy. The prettiest women are ones who are healthy and happy. No lipstick shade or eyeliner tip can ever compete with just simply taking care and loving yourself.